Adult Discipleship

“Thy word is a lamp to me feet and a light to my path.” Psalm. 119:105

Join your church family and friends for a meaningful time together studying God’s word. Register for a class online at , by contacting the church office, or by completing the form below.


ANIMATE : BIBLE   – Sunday, 1/21- 3/4,   6:30-8:30PM, room 115

This study is part of a three sectioned adult faith formation series that explores seven big conversations about the Bible. The DVD presentation consists of live-action discussions enriched with dynamic animation to jumpstart conversations including the canon, history, testaments, Gospels, genre, interpretation, and grace. Leader- Deb Lampton

THAT THE WORLD MAY KNOW- The Mission of Jesus – Tuesday, 1/ 9 -2/ 6,  2- 3:30PM, room 202

This study is part of a larger series by renowned teacher and historian, Ray Vander Laan that explores the historical, cultural, and geographical context of the scriptures. In this volume, Vander Laan guides us on-site through the lands and world of Jesus, by hiking through the Galilee region, exploring the ruins of Rome, and kneeling on the stones of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem to discover how the Gospel of Jesus confronted the beliefs of Imperial Rome. The study’s relevant message shares that God’s Kingdom triumphed in a world of chaos during Jesus’ earthly time and still does today. Co-leaders- Byron Brought and Bev Talbot

MAKING SENSE OF THE BIBLE (Section One) – Tuesday, 1/9- 2/13, 7-8:15PM, room 202                                                          

Adam Hamilton invites us into an honest conversation about the Bible. Section One of the book begins with foundational questions such as — How and when was the Bible written? Who decided which books made it into scriptures and why? How literally must we read it? And is the Bible ever wrong? Section Two of this study will continue after Easter with real questions that continue to challenge Christians and denominations alike. The Section One study is a prerequisite for Section Two however careful reading of Section One may waive the prerequisite. Leader- Byron Brought    


On-going Classes

Sunday Morning Classes

John Packard Memorial Men’s Bible Study  Men of all ages come together to study God’s Word. 

Leader: Doug Dorer, room 115, 7:30AM. 


Walking With God  Biblical & topical studies are discussed challenging members to live as God’s people in an ever-changing world.

Leader: Mark Coughlin, Library, 9:20AM



Mid-Week Classes

Monday Morning Bible Study Participants come together in fellowship and study of God’s Word as they grow in faith together. 

Leaders: Sandy Gorrell & Betty Myers, Library, Monday 9:30-11AM


Monday Night Women’s Bible Study Women of all ages meet to study selected Bible topics while enjoying a time of fellowship. 

Leader: Libby Horn, room 115, Monday, 7-9PM


Wednesday Morning Bible Study Sponsored by the United Methodist Women, the participants enjoy a time of study and fellowship.  Men are welcomed to join!

Leader: Pastor Deb, library, Wednesday, 10 – 11:15AM


Friday Morning Bible Study  This men’s group has early risers who meet to start their day in God’s Word.

Leader: Dave Walker, Room 202, Friday, 6:30AM