Tune-Up to Praise Capital Campaign

Wow!  Our capital campaign has been a major success so far.  We’re over 80% in pledges toward our campaign goal of $500,000.  Thank you for your extreme generosity.  Exciting improvements are taking place, and there’s more to come. 

Many of our Phase 1 Projects are completed or underway.

The completed projects are:

  • A smoke detection for Mt. Carmel Chapel has been completed
  • A major renovation and upgrade to our sanctuary pipe organ has been completed
  • A/V upgrades in the sanctuary and in McComas hall have been completed
  • The sanctuary stained glass has all been cleaned and protected by vented covers
  • A combination washer/dryer has been added to the kitchen
  • Lighting upgrades have been completed

The projects getting underway or in the queue are:

  • Upgrades to the sanctuary barrel and side aisle lights and controls are underway
  • TV upgrades and rolling carts are underway
  • Smoke detection for McComas Hall and the sanctuary are in the queue
  • Recording capability and video kiosks are in the queue

Phase 2 Projects:

  • Upgrades to our Armstrong entrance and Sunday school spaces are underway.
  • A strategic plan for the Homestead is being developed and critical repairs are underway

Other Exciting Building Projects Underway or in Development:

  • The Linwood Entrance Doorshave been replaced with newer and safer doors that have push bars on them for a safe exit in the event of an emergency
  • A ramp for the entrance to Mt. Carmel Chapel is being considered by the Board of Trustees
  • McComas Hall storage design is under consideration by the Board of The replacement of our very old rolling TVs with flat panel screens, blue ray DVD players and the capability of being able to connect with current computers should be completed by September.
  • Our Safety & Security Ministry is working to enhance the safety and security of our congregation and guests. We have installed surveillance cameras to monitor our entrances and our children’s play grounds and are also working on developing the Safety and Security procedures to make sure that we can respond to a variety of emergency situations.


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